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How To Find The Right Shop Space To Rent In Singapore?

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As a commercial hub and with a population of well over 5 million, Singapore is a popular destination for travelling business owners. It is no wonder then, that Singapore is a hot spot for those who are starting their own commercial business and the popularity of the area is continuing to grow. Singapore is a central point for many flights, making it a common place for stop overs.

If you are launching your own business in Singapore, you may need some commercial property to be able to support it and there are many different types of shop space in Singapore to choose from. Whatever the purpose of your commercial property, there are various types available, depending on the nature of your business.



If you are selling products to the public, you will need a showroom or retail outlet to be able to showcase your goods. Singapore’s retail industry is thriving at the moment, so it is definitely a good choice for renting commercial space. There are many shopping malls in Singapore outside the well-known Orchard Shopping belt. Emergence of shop space in Integrated neighourhood malls in satellite towns outside Central Core Region means infinite opportunity to tap into converged customer traffic.

F & B, Café, Coffee shop or Restaurant

There are many places in Singapore to sit down and enjoy a good meal or a coffee in Singapore and if you are starting your own business, you will find that there is a lot of commercial rental spaces currently available for this purpose.

Laundry, Dry cleaning

The busy lifestyle of urban life offers opportunites to provide services that offer daily convenience to customers. If you are offering laundry or dry cleaning services in Singapore, there are no lack of suitable commercial space to take advantage of high density enclaves.

Car Wash & Polishing

Car wash and polishing is a staple business in modern city. To operate effectively, you may need an open space washing bay and space for equipment. Location where there is ready customer pool will be advantageous such as nearby car workshops.

Clinical, Medical or Healthcare

Healthcare in Singapore is a thriving business catering to needs of patients beyond the shores. The establishment of Novena Medical Hub is testament to the ever-growing demand for high quality medical services. Apart from specialist clinics, GP clinics and dentists are mainstay in every estate of Singapore.

Hair Salon, Nail Salon or Spa

With the beauty industry continuing to grow in Singapore, there are plenty of commercial properties available to rent in the area. You can choose from locations such as Bukit Timah, where there is good access to customers or upmarket Orchard district, which also have shop space available for beauty business owners.

Shop House

The shophouse is a unique part of the architecture of Singapore and you can find them in specific areas including North Bride Road, Arab Street and Centrepoint. Despite shophouses’ past usage for residential purposes, many today have been retrofitted for commercial use. Due to their exclusivity and character, shop houses are highly sought after by certain businesses.

Enrichment Centre, Tuition centre, Childcare Services

There are various commercial space that are ideal for the purpose of offering childcare services or for business owners looking to set up a tuition or enrichment centre. Space and safety requirements are certainly factors to consider. Landed houses such as bungalows and Semi-detached have been converted for such purposes. In some cases, B1 Light Industrial space is also an option, subject to URA approval.

Whether you are an aspiring entreprenuer or business owner looking to relocate or expand, we can help you find the best-fit shop space to rent in Singapore.

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