Singapore is thriving, particularly within the food and beverage industry and this means that cafes, restaurants and bars are popping up all over the place. Cafes especially are growing in stature, with Singapore now offering everything from the hidden Necessary Provisions and the home from home, The Plan, to the old school Carpenter and Cook. It seems we love nothing more than relaxing with a coffee and a slice of cake, even more so, in many cases than we like to sit down with a glass of wine! However, don’t be misled into thinking that opening a café will be easy, there are various things you should know when considering embarking on this kind of business.

High Financial Outlay

There may be a lot of empty food and beverage premises available to rent in Singapore, but the value of the lease can still be high. It is important to ensure you are able to cope with this financial outlay, without putting extra pressure on yourself or your business.

The Right Location

It is imperative that you choose the right location when it comes to opening a café in Singapore. There are various aspects to consider, including the volume of passing traffic, the location of the nearest public transport and the nearest competitors.

Do Your Research  

Going into any kind of business can be challenging, but this is particularly the case within the food and beverage industry, simply because there is so much competition. You may have always aspired to running your own café, but do you really know what it is all about? If not, it is advisable to do your research and talk to other people who are in the same trade. This can give you a better indicator of whether or not it really is the best choice for you.


As with any business, you will need to be prepared to market your café, or no one will know it exists. You will need to have the desire to knock on doors to get business, or at least employ someone who will, as this is what your competitors are doing.

Lack of Resources

There is more demand than supply when it comes to finding staff in the food and beverage industry, so you will need to be prepared to offer some good incentives, if you want to ensure you can get staff on board.


You need the right licenses to start running a café and without these, you could end up being shut down. You should always keep on top of legislation in Singapore, as it can change quite often.

Help Available

Starting this kind of business may be financially daunting, but there is help available if you look into it. In some cases, you may find that grants are available to help you get your business off the ground.

Share the Skills

Your customers may love your culinary delights, but have you ever considered what might happen if your chef decides he’s moving onto pastures new? Would it leave you without a business? If this is the case, you need to start training other members of staff, as you can never predict what might happen in the future.

Good Customer Service

With competition as fierce as it is in Singapore, you can’t just offer good food and think that this will be enough. Customers want to feel that you are genuinely happy to see them and that you value their custom, so if you can’t force a smile, don’t get into this industry.

Are you a Foodie?

In order to run a successful café, it is better if you really have a passion for what you are serving. You can’t really expect customers to feel excited about what you are offering, if you don’t!